Judge Carlos Acosta, Judge Theresa Chernosky,
Judge Kathleen Dumais and Judge Rachel Mcguckian

Vote for the Sitting Judges

Judge Marybeth AYRES ,  Judge Jennifer S. FAIRFAX,
Judge Louis M. LEIBOWITZ and Judge J. Bradford MCCULLOUGH

Judge Carlos ACOSTA, Judge Theresa CHERNOSKY,
Judge Kathleen DUMAIS and Judge Rachel McGUCKIAN

Elect Sitting Judges Montgomery County Slate

By Authority of Rosemary A. Cassidy

We Need Your Help to Educate Montgomery County
Voters About the Sitting Judges.

Primary Voting

Early Voting:

Early Voting takes place every day from
Thursday, May 2-May 9, 2024.
Early voting centers will be open from
7 am to 8 pm.

Election Day:

Primary Election Day is
May 14, 2024 from
7 am to 8 pm.

Vote by mail

Complete an application for a mail-in ballot. Applications for a mail-in ballot are available online https://elections.maryland.gov/voting/absentee.html or via forms available at your local board of elections.

Primary Voting

Early Voting:

Thurs, June 16, 2022
Thurs, June 23, 2022 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Election Day:

June 28, 2022 | 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Vote By Mail

Applications for mail-in ballots will be mailed automatically to all registered voters. Complete the application to receive a mail-in ballot.

We Need Your Help to Educate Montgomery County
Voters About the Sitting Judges.


People may wonder why these judges on the “Elect Sitting Judges Montgomery County Slate” are running for election. The Maryland Constitution requires Circuit Court Judges to stand for election to a full term after being appointed by the Governor. What many people do not know is that each of the sitting judges standing for election has been through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only the most qualified attorneys are eligible for appointment to the bench by the Governor.

In 1970, Governor Marvin Mandel issued an Executive Order creating the first Judicial Nominating Commissions to assist in the judicial selection process. Every Governor since then, both Democrat and Republican, issued a similar Executive Order. The primary responsibility of the Judicial Nominating Commissions is to vet, screen and nominate lawyers to fill judicial vacancies at all levels – District, Circuit and Appellate Courts. This screening process allows the Governor to appoint the most highly qualified candidates from a list of candidates who have been thoroughly vetted.

Lawyers nominated by the Commission must meet exceptional standards of legal aptitude and must be the “most distinguished for integrity, wisdom and sound legal knowledge” as dictated by the Maryland Constitution. The Governor then conducts a separate review and vetting of each candidate followed by an interview before the appointment.

The four judges on the “Elect Sitting Judges Montgomery County Slate” – the incumbents in the upcoming election – have gone through the Judicial Nominating Commission process. The process starts with a lengthy and comprehensive application covering all aspects of their education, breadth and depth of their practice, and in-depth personal background information. Each judge’s application is submitted to no fewer than twelve diverse bar associations, each of which conducts its own investigation and interviews. In addition, the Bar Association of Montgomery County conducts a referendum wherein each applicant’s qualifications are subjected to a vote by every member of the bar association. The results of both the referendum and the bar association interviews are provided to the Judicial Nominating Commission. The Commission then conducts its own independent investigation of all applicants and thoroughly vets and interviews each. A list of the most highly qualified candidates is sent by the Commission to the Governor, who interviews and appoints the best of the best.

The Sitting Judge Principle ensures that Montgomery County has only the most qualified judges on the bench. The diverse organizations that participate in the vetting process have ensured the appointment of a bench that reflects our community. The Sitting Judges are experienced, vetted and approved.

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